Remove #listItem from Breadcrumb schema

add_filter(‘aioseo_schema_output’, ‘aioseo_schema_remove_list_item’); // Callback function to remove ‘#listItem’ from URLs in BreadcrumbList function aioseo_schema_remove_list_item($graphs) { // Loop through each element in the array foreach ($graphs as $index => $value) { // Check if the key ‘@type’ is set and its…Continue reading

City A/C Repair

“”” Alvin A/C Repair Website Welcome to Alvin A/C Repair, your trusted source for all your air conditioning repair needs in Alvin, Texas. We are a professional HVAC company dedicated to providing exceptional services at affordable prices. With a team…Continue reading

Set the Payment fields in the Sign Up form as required

add_filter(‘wcv_vendor_paypal_address’, ‘wcv_set_payment_field_required’); add_filter(‘wcv_vendor_paypal_venmo’, ‘wcv_set_payment_field_required’); add_filter(‘wcv_vendor_bank_account_name’, ‘wcv_set_payment_field_required’); add_filter(‘wcv_vendor_bank_account_number’, ‘wcv_set_payment_field_required’); add_filter(‘wcv_vendor_bank_name’, ‘wcv_set_payment_field_required’); add_filter(‘wcv_vendor_bank_routing_number’, ‘wcv_set_payment_field_required’); add_filter(‘wcv_vendor_bank_bic_swift’, ‘wcv_set_payment_field_required’); /** * Add required attribute to payment fields * * @param array $payment_field The input field to modify. * * @return array $payment_field The modified input…Continue reading