JetFormBuilder – Extra Validation

jQuery(document).ready(function() { // Function to validate the form function customValidateForm() { let isValid = true; // Iterate over form fields and validate jQuery(‘.jet-form-builder .jet-form-builder__field’).each(function() { if (!jQuery(this).val()) { isValid = false; jQuery(this).addClass(‘error’); // Add an error class to invalid fields…Continue reading

Adding a Background Image to Your Forms

/* Adding a background image to your forms. Original doc link: For support, please visit: */ .wpf-custom-background { background-image: url(/path/wpforms-backdrop.png) !important; padding: 15px 35px !important; /*Padding is optional, but improves appearance when using a background image in your…Continue reading

How to Add Custom Code Snippets in WordPress

/* Modify the login URL to redirect to a custom login page. Original doc link: For support, please visit: */ .wpforms-container input[type=radio] { -webkit-appearance: radio !important; -moz-appearance: radio !important; appearance: radio !important; } .wpforms-container input[type=checkbox] { -webkit-appearance: checkbox…Continue reading