EDD Smart Tags

add_filter( ‘wpcode_smart_tags’, function ( $tags ) { $tags[‘edd’] = array( ‘label’ => ‘Easy Digital Downloads’, ‘tags’ => array( ‘edd_order_total’ => array( ‘label’ => ‘Order Total’, ‘function’ => ‘wpcode_custom_get_edd_order_total’, ), ‘edd_order_items_count’ => array( ‘label’ => ‘Order Items Count’, ‘function’ => ‘wpcode_custom_get_edd_order_items_count’,…Continue reading

Disable delayed customer recalculations

/** * Bypasses the CRON event that is scheduled 5 minutes after a purchase that recalculates a customers stats. * * Note: This may impact the performance of the checkout process. */ add_filter( ‘edd_recalculate_bypass_cron’, ‘__return_true’ );Continue reading

Migrate Order Actions Completed Date from Notes

add_action( ‘shutdown’, ‘advads_schedule_order_notes_to_set_actions_run’ ); /** * Schedule the order notes to set actions run cron event. * * @return void */ function prefix_schedule_order_notes_to_set_actions_run() { // This option is added when no more notes can be found. if ( get_option( ‘prefix_use_order_notes_to_set_actions_run’…Continue reading

Stop EDD Mailchimp Sync

add_action( ‘admin_footer’, ‘prefix_mailchimp_stop_sync’ ); /** * Stop the Mailchimp sync from running. * This is a temporary function to stop the sync from running and can be deleted once the sync is stopped. * * @return void */ function prefix_mailchimp_stop_sync()…Continue reading