Add User Field

/** * This adds a field to the end of the “Your Details” section in the Profile form. * * In this example, we add a Birthday field, which is a date field. * * @param array $fields * @param…Continue reading

Remove Organisation Field

/** * Remove “organisation” from the profile form. */ function ed_remove_organisation_from_profile( $fields ) { unset( $fields[ ‘organisation’ ] ); return $fields; } add_filter( ‘charitable_user_fields’, ‘ed_remove_organisation_from_profile’ );Continue reading

Remove Section

/** * You may decide that you do not need some of the sections in the Profile form at all. * This code will allow you to remove an entire section. * * If you just want to remove individual…Continue reading

Keep Username As Display Name

/** * When people update their profile, keep their display name set to * be the same as their login name (username). */ function ed_charitable_keep_original_display_name( $values ) { $values[‘display_name’] = wp_get_current_user()->user_login; return $values; } add_filter( ‘charitable_profile_update_values’, ‘ed_charitable_keep_original_display_name’ ); add_filter( ‘charitable_campaign_submission_user_data’,…Continue reading