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MemberPress: Add Author Bio Shortcode

Place the [mpcs-author-bio] shortcode in a post, page, or course. The shortcode will display the biographical…

MemberPress: Add Author Custom Bio Shortcode

Add the [mpcs-author-custom-bio slug="mepr_short_bio"] shortcode to a post, page, or course. The shortcode will display the…

MemberPress: Exclude Posts, Pages, Categories, or Tags from PayWall

Exclude specific posts, pages, categories, or tags from being viewed with the PayWall free views.

MemberPress: Remove all but one country from the drop-down

Removes all the countries for the drop-down list on the account and registration pages and leaves…

MemberPress: Disable Admin Password Lost/Changed Email

Disable the MemberPress Admin email notification for password lost/changed.

MemberPress: Add Tag Support for Lessons and Quizzes

Adds the ability to tag lessons and quizzes in MemberPress Courses.

MemberPress: Require Coupon at Checkout

Make the coupon field required at checkout.

MemberPress: Exclude Protected Posts from Search Results

Removes any posts from the search results that the current user (or guest) does not have…

MemberPress: Require Specific Coupon to Register

The code will make a specific coupon mandatory for purchasing a specific membership. More than one…

MemberPress: Remove Accordion from Courses

Use this snippet if you would like to remove the accordion CSS and JS from the…

MemberPress: Add Category Exception to All Post Rule

Add a category exception to the all posts rule instead of having to add the posts…

MemberPress: Remove State Text Field

Removes the state text field from the registration and account pages if the country does not…

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