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Disable "Scheduled export e-mail of ... returned false when sending to ..." notice in Scheduled Exports

function custom_woo_ce_cron_export_email_wp_mail_failure_notice() { // Turn off the error notice return false; } add_filter( 'woo_ce_cron_export_email_wp_mail_failure_notice', 'custom_woo_ce_cron_export_email_wp_mail_failure_notice' );


Switching between ftp_put and ftp_fput FTP upload methods in Store Exporter Deluxe

function custom_woo_ce_cron_export_ftp_switch() { // ftp_put or ftp_fput return 'ftp_fput'; } add_filter( 'woo_ce_cron_export_ftp_switch', 'custom_woo_ce_cron_export_ftp_switch' );


Trigger a Scheduled Export via a WordPress Action

function custom_trigger_scheduled_export_url() { $secret_key = ( isset( $_GET['secret_key'] ) ? sanitize_text_field( $_GET['secret_key'] ) : false );…


Add a single Order export field with all Shipping address details

function custom_woo_ce_extend_order_fields( $fields ) { $fields[] = array( 'name' => 'shipping_address_full', 'label' => 'Shipping: All details',…


Use the Variation Name instead of Slug within the Product Name detail of Product exports

function custom_woo_ce_get_product_title_attribute_formatting( $format = 'slug', $post_id ) { // Set the format to Attribute Title $format…