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Change Excerpt Length

Update the length of the Excerpts on your website using this snippet.


Completely Disable Comments

Disable comments for all post types, in the admin and the frontend.


Change Read More Text for Excerpts

Customize the "Read More" text that shows up after excerpts.


Hide ‘Screen Options’ Tab

Remove the Screen Options menu at the top of admin pages.


Set a Minimum Word Count for Posts

Force your authors to write posts that have a minimum length.


Exclude Specific Categories from RSS Feed

Prevent posts in certain categories from showing up in your RSS Feeds.


Delay Posts in RSS Feeds

Add a delay before published posts show up in the RSS feeds.


Set oEmbed Max Width

Set a max width for the embeds using oEmbed in the content.


Disable Comment Form Website URL

Remove the Website URL field from the Comments form.


Disable Emojis

Disable Emoji's in WordPress to improve your site's performance


Remove Login Shake Animation

Prevent the Login box from shaking when entering the wrong password or username.


Disable Embeds

Remove an extra request and prevent others from adding embeds in your site.

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