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Tweaking the Calendar Language Localisation | Display Eventbrite Events

The calendar will attempt to localize the language based on the WordPress website setting. However, the calendar uses a third party library ( fullcalendar.io ) and the language support is not aligned or as broad as WordPress, the plugin will attempt to derive the correct language / locale setting from WordPress but that may not always suit your requirements.

The plugin has a filter wfea_cal_locale that allows you to specify the language your desire. This filter can be applied in your child theme’s functions.php for instance.

E.g. to force the calendar to use Taiwan Chinese and ignore the WordPress setting you could add this filter.

(Note this code snippet applies for "Display Eventbrite Events Plugin" available here: https://fullworksplugins.com/products/widget-for-eventbrite/ )

For language codes currently supported by fullcalendar.io navigate here: https://fullworksplugins.com/docs/display-eventbrite-events-in-wordpress/developer/tweaking-the-calendar-language-localisation/

Code Preview
function my_locale_func($locale) {
   return 'zh-tw';


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