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Show current day, month, year in various formats

Return the current date and parts of current date in various formats

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// [d] – inserts the current day with two digits e.g. 06
// [D] – inserts the current day with three letters e.g. Mon
// [j] – inserts the current day without leading zeros e.g. 6
// [l] – inserts the current day as a text e.g. Monday   (lower case L)
// [N] - inserts the ISO-8601 numeric representation of a day (1 for Monday, 7 for Sunday)
// [S] - inserts the English ordinal suffix for the day of the month (2 characters st, nd, rd or th. Works well with j)
// [w] - inserts a numeric representation of the day (0 for Sunday, 6 for Saturday)
// [z] - inserts the day of the year (from 0 through 365)
// [W] - inserts the ISO-8601 week number of year (weeks starting on Monday)
// [F] – inserts the current month as a text e.g. January
// [m] – inserts the current month with two digits e.g. 01
// [M] – inserts the current month with three letters e.g. Jan
// [n] – inserts the current month without leading zeros e.g. 1
// [Y] – inserts the current year with four digits e.g. 2023
// [y] – inserts the current year with two digits e.g. 23
// [date-long] - e.g. August 15, 2027
// [date-dmy] - e.g. 31/3/2026
// [date-mdy] - e.g. 4/28/2026
function day_two_digits() {return date('d');}
function day_text_three_letters() {return date('D');}
function day_two_digits_no_zero() {return date('j');}
function day_text() {return date('l');}
function day_ISO() {return date('N');}
function day_ordinal() {return date('S');}
function day_of_week() {return date('w');}
function day_of_year() {return date('z');}
function week_of_year() {return date('W');}
function month_text() {return date('F');}
function month_two_digits() {return date('m');}
function month_text_three_letters() {return date('M');}
function month_two_digits_no_zero() {return date('n');}
function year_four_digits() {return date('Y');}
function year_two_digits() {return date('y');}
function date_long() {return date('F').date('j').",&nbsp;".date('Y');}
function date_dmy() {return date('d')."-".date('m')."-".date('Y');}
function date_mdy() {return date('m')."-".date('d')."-".date('Y');}
add_shortcode('d', 'day_two_digits');
add_shortcode('D', 'day_text_three_letters');
add_shortcode('j', 'day_two_digits_no_zero');
add_shortcode('l', 'day_text');
add_shortcode('N', 'day_ISO');
add_shortcode('S', 'day_ordinal');
add_shortcode('w', 'day_of_week');
add_shortcode('z', 'day_of_year');
add_shortcode('W', 'week_of_year');
add_shortcode('F', 'month_text');
add_shortcode('m', 'month_two_digits');
add_shortcode('M', 'month_text_three_letters');
add_shortcode('n', 'month_two_digits_no_zero');
add_shortcode('Y', 'year_four_digits');
add_shortcode('y', 'year_two_digits');
add_shortcode('date-long', 'date_long');
add_shortcode('date-dmy', 'date_dmy');
add_shortcode('date-mdy', 'date_mdy');


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