Change / Translate Plugin Text

/* * A local translation snippet. Change ‘YOUR TEXT HERE’ to your desired text. * * This snippet will work for any phrases in Charitable and Charitable extensions. */ function charitable_text_switcher( $translations, $text, $domain ) { // Changes the “Donate”…Continue reading

Make Form Fields Required Not Required

/** * This example shows how to make a form field required or not required. * * Our first example below changes the ‘phone’ field in the Donation Form * into a required field; our second example changes the ‘first_name’…Continue reading

Load Template Files In Admin

/** * Load Charitable template files in the admin area. * * Some plugins or themes attempt to run shortcodes in the admin * area, which can cause a fatal error with Charitable. The core * plugin attempts to avoid…Continue reading

Add User Dashboard Menu

/** * By default, Charitable includes a User Dashboard menu, but * this is not automatically added unless the theme builds * in support for it. * * If you want to include the User Dashboard menu at the top…Continue reading