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Scan images from Elementor Galleries and counts them for the sitemap XML

This snippet will find new images inside the post content, which has Elementor Galleries. And it…


Limit SEO Title to 60 characters

This filter limits the SEO Title length to 60 characters throughout the website


Disable Shortcode Parsing in All in One SEO

This filter can be used to prevent AIOSEO from parsing shortcodes.


Disable autogenerated shipping details schema for WooCommerce

This code snippet will disable AIOSEO autogenerated shipping details schema for WooCommerce Products


Add author name to article schema if its missing

This snippet adds the author's name and author schema type to the article schema if it's…


Limit Meta Description to 160 characters

This filter limits the Meta Description to 160 characters throughout the website


Set max-video-preview to 0

This snippet sets max-video-preview robots meta tag to 0


Enable WooCommerce Product Attributes in Search Appearance

By default, AIOSEO does not include support for WooCommerce Product Attributes in our Search Appearance settings,…


Set current URL as the Canonical URL and ignore query strings

This snippet searches for a specific string in the current URL and if found, it set…


Add the type property to that Image property in the Organization schema

This snippet will add the 'ImageObject' type property in the 'Organization' schema markup.


Show link assistant suggestions

This snippet fixes a conflict of a custom theme with the default WordPress class called 'fixed'.…


Noindex Product Search Pages

This code snippet can be used to set noindex on WooCommerce product search pages.

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