WPCode makes it easy and safe to add custom WordPress features through code snippets, 
so you can reduce the number of plugins on your site.

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Disable Posts in Admin

Hide the Posts menu from the admin if you don't need the default Posts post type.


Disable Full Site Editing (FSE)

Prevent any user from making changes to the site using the Full Site Editor.


Disable Block Directory

Prevent block directory results from being shown when searching for blocks in the editor.


Prevent Copy Paste

This JavaScript snippet prevents right-click and copy events on the frontend


Add WPCode Custom Field Smart Tag

Add a custom smart tag for the WPCode scripts metabox that outputs the value of a…


Add custom CSS in the Admin

Use this snippet to add custom styles in the WordPress admin head. Add your CSS code…


Disable Posts Post Type

This snippet hides the default Posts post type from the WordPress admin


Move WPCode Status Column

This snippet makes the status column the 2nd column in the admin list of snippets.


WPCode Add New Snippet Skip Library Screen

This snippet enables you to skip the snippet library screen when adding a new snippet in…


Order WPCode snippets by title in the admin

Make the default order of WPCode snippets in the admin by title ascending.


Add data-no-optimize to all JS snippets

This snippet filters the output of all the WPCode JavaScript snippets to add the data-no-optimize parameter…


Logout URL

This snippet creates a simple logout URL link that you can use as a shortcode.

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