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Only count last file

This plugin makes it so that All Access only increments the download counter if the customer is downloading the last file attached to a product.

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function all_access_only_count_last_file( $should_be_counted, $all_access_pass, $download_id, $requested_file, $email, $log ) {
	// This is the id of the file being downloaded using All Access
	$requested_file_id = isset( $_GET['edd-all-access-file-id'] ) ? $_GET['edd-all-access-file-id'] : 0;
	// Get the array of files attached to this product being downloaded
	$download_files = edd_get_download_files( $download_id );
	// Move the internal pointer to the end of the array
	// Fetch the key of the element pointed to by the internal pointer
	$last_file_key = key($download_files);
	// Figure out if the requested file is the last file or not
	if ( $requested_file_id == $last_file_key ) {
		// If this is the last file attached to a product, count it in the All Access download counter.
		return true;
	} else {
		// If it is any other file, don't count it.
		return false;
add_filter( 'edd_all_access_download_should_be_counted', 'all_access_only_count_last_file', 10, 6 );


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