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Disable emails on free purchases

If the purchase was for a free product, don't send any emails.

Add Password Hint

Add standard WP password hint to checkout right below account creation fields.

Variable Pricing License Expiration

Set the expiration time for licenses per price option

FES Login Form Redirect

Add a new tab to the Frontend Submissions vendor dashboard menu.

Disable EDD Software Licensing Actiation/Deactivation Logs

By default, when a license is activated or deactivated EDD Software Licensing adds a log entry…

Replace Menu Icon

Replace the standard menu icon in Easy Digital Downloads with an icon from Dashicons

Limit Purchase Total

Sets a purchase amount and prevents customers from purchasing more than that amount at one time.

Auto Register Login Link

Replaces the login link included in the Auto Register email, which directs customers to log into…

Purchase Button Custom Add to Cart Link

Below all EDD purchase buttons, display a link to add that product to the cart and…

Download Column Thumbnail

Render a new post column featuring the download thumbnail.

Custom Cart Row

Provides a function which can be modified to add a custom row of HTML to the…

Show Invoice for Pending

Makes PDF Invoices available for pending payments

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