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Custom Countries

Illustrates how to add a custom list of countries This list will be used anywhere EDD…

File Size Display

After the download content, shows a list of the download files and their sizes

Verify Email Domain

During the banned email checks, see if the domain being checked has DNS configured, if not…

Disable emails on free purchases

If the purchase was for a free product, don't send any emails.

Force Billing Address

This plugin forces the billing address to always be collected at checkout

Modify Software Licensing License Structure

Modify the structure of Software Licensing's license keys.

Display Vendor-Submitted data as Restricted Content.

Automatically output content submitted by FES Vendors wrapped in the [edd_restrict] shortcode.

Supports sending an email with a Stripe Pre-Approved payment is submitted.

By default EDD only sends a purchase confirmation when an order is marked as completed, however…

Replace Menu Icon

Replace the standard menu icon in Easy Digital Downloads with an icon from Dashicons

Force Minimum Password Length at Checkout

Force a minimum password length when a customer creates an account at checkout

Replace Add to Cart With Download for Subscribers

If the user is recurring or has purchased the product already, shows a link to download…

Show Featured Image With Purchase Link

Shows a download's featured image with the purchase link

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