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Show Invoice for Refunded

Makes PDF Invoices available for refunded payments

Add Wallet Deposit Levels

Deposit levels are pre-defined in EDD Wallet. This plugin allows you to add custom deposit levels,…

Price Option Not Checked

Prevent variable pricing options from being checked by default

Vendor Email Tag

Show the Shop Vendor's email for each download purchased

Hide Payment Icons When Free

Hide payment icons on the checkout form when cart total is free

Content Restriction Compatibility for Software Licensing

Make the edd_restrict shortcode check if a license is expired before displaying content.

Reverse Receivers

Reverses the receivers for PayPal Adaptive Payments

Hotfix: Remove Stripe Statement Descriptor

In EDD 3.2.8, Easy Digital Downloads changed how Statement Descriptors are used with Stripe Payments to…

Add the "input hidden" field type to the EDD settings

Add 'input type="hidden"' to the type of input fields available when setting up your plugin's EDD…

Custom Terms Page

Use the custom page for "agree to terms" and link to it instead of opening terms…

Include Subscriptions in API

Include EDD Subscription payments in the /edd-api/sales endpoint

Replace Add to Cart with Download

If the user has purcahsed the product already, show a links to download each file associated…

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