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Downloads Email Tag

Adds a {downloads} email tag for use in email templates that outputs a simple list of…

Show Discount Field

Makes the discount field on checkout show by default.

Commissions payment_id email tag

This adds support for the {payment_id} email tag to Commissions Notifications

Add FES Vendor Dashboard Tab

Add a new tab to the Frontend Submissions vendor dashboard menu.

Digital Store Theme - Latest Downloads Number

Changes the number of downloads displayed in the latest downloads section of the store front template.

Sample Email Template Tag

This is an example of how to register a new email template tag for EDD. Intended…

Prevent Duplicate Cart Items

Prevents the same item from being added to the cart multiple times.

Disable Renewals for Specific Products

Prevents license keys for certain downloads from being renewed or extended.

Move Points Message Below Content

Move Single Product Page Message below content

Change Registration Email Login URL

Modifies the login URL sent to new users via email.

Modify User Verification URL Expiration

Changes the length of time before user verification email links expire

Prevent Discounts on Renewals

Does not allow a discount code to be applied when an EDD SL is present in…

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