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Custom Tab Order For Dashboard

The following code will allow you to change the order that the front end dashboard is displayed. There might be times when you want to change the tab order. You would change the orders by simply re-arranging the lines.

Code Preview
add_filter( 'wcv_dashboard_pages_nav', 'change_nav_order'); 
function change_nav_order( $pages ){ 
    $new_nav_order = array(); 
    $new_nav_order['dashboard_home'] = $pages['dashboard_home']; 
    $new_nav_order['order'] = $pages['order']; 
    $new_nav_order['product'] = $pages['product']; 
    $new_nav_order['rating'] = $pages['rating']; 
    $new_nav_order['shop_coupon'] = $pages['shop_coupon']; 
    $new_nav_order['settings'] = $pages['settings']; 
    $new_nav_order['view_store'] = $pages['view_store']; 
    return $new_nav_order; 


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