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Add Payment ID to Sales API

If sequential order numbers are on, those numbers are returned in the sales API instead of the actual payment record's ID. This adds the true payment ID to each sale in the API.

Code Preview
function kjm_add_payment_id_to_sales_endpoint( $sales ) {
	foreach ( $sales['sales'] as $sale => $data ) {
		// If sequential order numbering is on, the ID key will be a string
		$payment = ( is_string( $data['ID'] ) ) ? edd_get_payment_by('payment_number', $data['ID']) : $data['ID'];
		$payment_id = ( is_object( $payment ) ) ? $payment->ID : $payment;
		$sales['sales'][$sale]['payment_id'] = $payment_id;
	return $sales;
add_filter( 'edd_api_sales', 'kjm_add_payment_id_to_sales_endpoint' );


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