Display the Last Updated Date

Add the last updated date & time to your posts in the frontend.


Add the Page Slug to Body Class

Add the page slug to the body class for better styling.


Add an Edit Post Link to Archives

Make it easier to edit posts when viewing archives. Or on single pages. If you...


Change Excerpt Length

Update the length of the Excerpts on your website using this snippet.


Change Read More Text for Excerpts

Customize the "Read More" text that shows up after excerpts.


Scroll Progress Bar

Display a progress bar at the top of the site as the user scrolls.


Open External Links in a New Tab

Automatically open all external links added in posts in a new tab.


Simple Table Of Contents

Automatically add a table of contents from the headings in your posts.


Back to Top Button

Add a simple button to scroll back to top on the frontend.


Add Fields

/** * Add fields to the registration form. * * @param array $fields * @return array…

Let Google place ads for you

Add one piece of code to your site and Google will automatically show ads in all…

Redirect To Referer After Login

/** * After a user logs in, redirect them back to the page they * were…

Remove Login Form

/** * Remove the login prompt from being displayed before the donation form. */ function ed_remove_login_form_before_donation_form()…

Move Fields

/** * Move fields in the Donation Form. * * In the example below, we move…

Add Donate Button

/** * USAGE: * * To display a particular campaign's button, just add this to your…

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