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Minimalistic Admin Bar

This code snippet allows you to customize the WordPress admin bar by removing the WordPress logo,…

Admin Bar - Updates

Show updates in Admin Bar

Change "Howdy Admin" in Admin Bar

Customize the "Howdy" message in the admin bar.


Fix LearnPress conflict that hides AIOSEO tabs on settings pages

LearnPress hides the tabs of AIOSEO by loading its Vue assets on our pages. This snippet…


Disable All Admin Notices individually

function disable_all_admin_notices() { remove_all_actions('admin_notices'); } add_action('admin_init', 'disable_all_admin_notices');

Disable Posts Post Type

This snippet hides the default Posts post type from the WordPress admin


Copy Donation Receipt To Admin

/** * Send the donation receipt to the site admin as well. * * @param string|string[]…

Completely Disable Comments

Disable comments for all post types, in the admin and the frontend.


Remove the WordPress Logo From the Admin Bar

Hide the WordPress logo in the admin bar for all users.


Remove SEO Statistics from the Dashboard menu

Code Snippet to remove SEO Statistics from the Dashboard menu


Disable The WP Admin Bar

Hide the WordPress Admin Bar for all users in the frontend.


Change Admin Panel Footer Text

Display custom text in the admin panel footer with this snippet.


Disable Update Notice for Non-admin Users

Don't show WordPress version update notices to users that can't update the site.

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