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Disable RSS Feeds

Turn off the WordPress RSS Feeds for your website with 1 click.


Disable Automatic Updates

Use this snippet to completely disable automatic updates on your website.


Disable Automatic Updates Emails

Stop getting emails about automatic updates on your WordPress site.


Disable WordPress REST API

Easily disable the WP REST API on your website with this snippet.


Disable Emojis

Disable Emoji's in WordPress to improve your site's performance


Completely Disable Comments

Disable comments for all post types, in the admin and the frontend.


Disable The WP Admin Bar

Hide the WordPress Admin Bar for all users in the frontend.


Disable autogenerated shipping details schema for WooCommerce

This code snippet will disable AIOSEO autogenerated shipping details schema for WooCommerce Products


Disable Search

Completely disable search on your WordPress website.


Disable Embeds

Remove an extra request and prevent others from adding embeds in your site.


Disable Shortcode Parsing in All in One SEO

This filter can be used to prevent AIOSEO from parsing shortcodes.


Disable XML-RPC

On sites running WordPress 3.5+, disable XML-RPC completely.


Disable Self Pingbacks

Prevent WordPress from automatically creating pingbacks from your own site.


Disable wlwmanifest link

Prevent WordPress from adding the Windows Live Writer manifest link to your pages.

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