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Add vat over the commission

This will add VAT value over the commission

How to change the store address country for all vendors

/** * Set the vendor's store country to us. */ function wcv_set_vendor_country() { if ( function_exists(…

Shipping label template

/** * The template for displaying the shipping label * * Override this template by copying…

Add TikTok to the social tab of settings

This will show the setting and it should be saved when saving the form.

Add a custom column to Commission table

/** * Add custom columns label * * @param Array $columns array stored column names *…

Change label of CSV header, and removing others(Export Totals to CSV)

This snippet will change the label of CSV header, and remove the others(Export Totals to CSV)

Add custom page to the vendor dashboard

// Hook into the navigation add_filter( 'wcv_pro_dashboard_urls', 'add_test_page_nav', 9 ); function add_test_page_nav( $pages ){ $pages[ 'test_page'…

Disable WooCommerce widgets on vendor store pages

/** * Remove widgets from the vendor store and single product pages conditionally. * * You…

Change the "Commission" header for the Recent Orders table

Change the "Commission" header for the Recent Orders table using the "wcvendors_recent_order_table_columns" filter hook.

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