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Change Fields On Donation Form

Example on how to change labels for fields on donation form.

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add_action( 'wp', 'example_charitable_update_donation_fields' );
function example_charitable_update_donation_fields() {
	// Get the donation fields.
	$fields = charitable()->donation_fields();
	// Get the field we want to update.
	$field = $fields->get_field( 'state' );
	// Update the field's label to say "Province" on the donation form and admin form.
	$field->set( 'donation_form', 'label', 'Province' );
	$field->set( 'admin_form', 'label', 'Province' );
	// Repeat this for the postcode field.
	$field = $fields->get_field( 'postcode' );
	$field->set( 'donation_form', 'label', 'Postal' );
	$field->set( 'admin_form', 'label', 'Postal' );
	$fields->register_field( $field );


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