Change Admin Panel Footer Text

Display custom text in the admin panel footer with this snippet.


Change "Howdy Admin" in Admin Bar

Customize the "Howdy" message in the admin bar.


Remove Dashboard Welcome Panel

Hide the Welcome Panel on the WordPress dashboard for all users.


Hide ‘Screen Options’ Tab

Remove the Screen Options menu at the top of admin pages.


Disable Gutenberg Code Editing for Non-Admin Users

Prevent non-admin users from using "Edit as HTML" or "Code editor" in the Gutenberg Editor.


Set a Minimum Word Count for Posts

Force your authors to write posts that have a minimum length.


Set oEmbed Max Width

Set a max width for the embeds using oEmbed in the content.


Disable Site Health

Completely hide the Site Health menu item and dashboard widget.


Limit the Number of Post Revisions

Reduce Database size by limiting post revisions to just 20 per post.


Decrease Auto-Save Interval

Change post editor auto-save to 5 minutes instead of 1.


Open all external links in new tab

This makes the manual link tab association obsolete. All links to another domain will open in…

Automatic CSS/JavaScript Cache Busting

Replace the `ver` query arg with the JavaScript/CSS file's last modified timestamp (WordPress CSS/JS Cache Busting)

Duplicate Posts and Pages

// Add the duplicate link to action list for post_row_actions // for "post" and custom post…

Upload font files to media library

Allow the upload of font files (.ttf, .otf, .woff & .woff2) to WordPress media library

Remove Gutenberg Block CSS

Remove Gutenberg Block Library CSS from loading on the frontend

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