Delay Posts in RSS Feeds

Add a delay before published posts show up in the RSS feeds.


Set oEmbed Max Width

Set a max width for the embeds using oEmbed in the content.


Custom Heading above Qty (Woocommerce)

let qty = document.querySelector(".e-atc-qty-button-holder"); let text = ` How many card you’re planning to purchase? Choose…

Limit SEO Title to 60 characters

This filter limits the SEO Title length to 60 characters throughout the website


Disable Comment Form Website URL

Remove the Website URL field from the Comments form.


Enable WooCommerce Product Attributes in Search Appearance

By default, AIOSEO does not include support for WooCommerce Product Attributes in our Search Appearance settings,…


Link Featured Image to Post

Snippet for automatically link image to post

Disable Emojis

Disable Emoji's in WordPress to improve your site's performance


Prevent Copy Paste

This JavaScript snippet prevents right-click and copy events on the frontend


Limit Meta Description to 160 characters

This filter limits the Meta Description to 160 characters throughout the website


Remove Login Shake Animation

Prevent the Login box from shaking when entering the wrong password or username.

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