Accepting payments in WordPress can be hard with complicated e-commerce shopping cart solutions. WP Simple Pay makes it easy.

- Keep visitors on your site and increase conversions by accepting payments directly on your WordPress website.
- Use the advanced drag and drop form builder to add custom fields like dropdowns, checkboxes, and more to collect additional data during payment.
- We use Stripe’s PCI-compliant servers to securely store and process payments. No credit card or payment information ever touches your server.

Create or link your Stripe account quickly and securely with Stripe Connect then choose from a pre-made payment form template to start accepting payments instantly.

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WP Simple Pay: Set a Per-Form Custom Amount Programmatically

Adjust a single payment form's custom amount value programatically.

WP Simple Pay: Stripe Checkout - Subscription Confirmation

Ensure Customer Subscriptions are available in the payment confirmation data.

WP Simple Pay: Custom Webhook Handling Example

An example of handling the `coupon.updated` webhook event. For a full list of available events see:…

WP Simple Pay: Change Custom Amount Field Input Type

Changes the `type` attribute on the `input` tag. This helps some mobile keyboards have a better…

WP Simple Pay: Custom Smart Tag

Register a custom Smart Tag with PHP, and control the output.

WP Simple Pay: Disable Webhook Failed Notification

Disable alert bubbles when webhook events are not received.

WP Simple Pay: Custom Decimal Separator

Changes the decimal separator from a . (period) to a , (comma).

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