Accepting payments in WordPress can be hard with complicated e-commerce shopping cart solutions. WP Simple Pay makes it easy.

- Keep visitors on your site and increase conversions by accepting payments directly on your WordPress website.
- Use the advanced drag and drop form builder to add custom fields like dropdowns, checkboxes, and more to collect additional data during payment.
- We use Stripe’s PCI-compliant servers to securely store and process payments. No credit card or payment information ever touches your server.

Create or link your Stripe account quickly and securely with Stripe Connect then choose from a pre-made payment form template to start accepting payments instantly.

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WP Simple Pay: Add More Aggressive Rate Limiting

Changes the various default rate limit settings.

WP Simple Pay - Add Email Address to Payment Confirmation URL

Append the submitted email address to the payment confirmation page URL.

WP Simple Pay: Create WordPress User After Payment

Creates a new WordPress user when a subscription is started or a one-time payment is made.

WP Simple Pay: Programmatically Set Custom Field Default Value

Use metadata as the default value for a payment form's custom field.

WP Simple Pay: Remove Payment Page Compatibility Mode

Allows 3rd party scripts and styles to load on dedicated Payment Pages. These are disabled by…

WP Simple Pay: Add Custom Field Data to Customer Metadata

Retrieve the value of a custom field and add it as metadata to the Stripe Customer…

WP Simple Pay: Remove Trailing Decimals

/** * @link https://library.wpcode.com/snippet/323j86jo/ */ add_filter( 'simpay_decimal_places', function() { return 0; } );

WP Simple Pay: Reduce Currency Minimum Amount

The minimum amount is $0.50 US or equivalent in charge currency. WP Simple Pay uses $1.00…

WP Simple Pay: Hide reCAPTCHA Badge

Hide the reCAPTCHA badge and add links to the privacy policy and terms of service. Adds…

WP Simple Pay: Modify Customer Record Creation

Add custom parameters to the Stripe Customer creation request.

WP Simple Pay - Increase Input Font Size

.simpay-styled .simpay-form-control input[type=date], .simpay-styled .simpay-form-control input[type=time], .simpay-styled .simpay-form-control input[type=datetime-local], .simpay-styled .simpay-form-control input[type=week], .simpay-styled .simpay-form-control input[type=month], .simpay-styled…

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