Automatically Link Featured Images to Posts

Wrap featured images in your theme in links to posts.


Remove Query Strings From Static Files

Use this snippet to remove query string from CSS & JS files and improve performance ratings.


Add default ALT to avatar/Gravatar Images

Add the user's name as a default alt tag to the Gravatar images loaded on...


Explicit Fixed Width and Height

Explicit Fixed Width and Height for images

Limit user files in media library

change the number in the snippet


Kupon kódok megjelenítése az értesítő email-ekben

Ezzel a kóddal megjeleníthetjük a vásárlás során felhasznált kupon kódokat az értesítő email-ekben. Az egyszerűbb és…

Link Featured Image to Post

Snippet for automatically link image to post

Allow WebP Files Upload

The provided PHP code is intended to enable the upload of WebP image files in WordPress…

Set Wordpress Gallery Link to Image Default

Override wordpress default linking to attachment page

Allow ICO Files Upload

Enable ICO File Uploads on your WordPress website with this PHP code snippet.

change media owner

Allows the admin to assign any media library file from one user to another

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