MemberPress: Return to Same Page After Signup

Return the user to the same page after they register.

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Update the author name on published recipes

This code snippet will update the author name for all existing recipes. Just replace New Name…


Remove Recurring Donation Time Periods

This snippet removes some options for recurring donation periods with Charitable's Recurring Donations addon. This might…

Remove Emojis

/** * Disable the emojis in WordPress. */ add_action( 'init', function () { remove_action( 'wp_head', 'print_emoji_detection_script',…

MemberPress: Replace Country Code with Country Name

Replaces the 2-digit country code in the {$user_address} parameter for emails with the full country name.

Auto convert photos to WEBP (jpg, png)

/** * Konwertuj przesłane obrazy na format WebP * * Ten fragment kodu automatycznie konwertuje przesłane…

Defining Mailgun Mailer Constants

This snippet will prevent users from changing WP Mail SMTP settings in your WordPress admin area…

Reduce Database Calls

You can edit your child theme and replace these calls with more specific information to stop…


Change the Post ID Being Processed by AIOSEO

This snippet can be used to change the Post ID being processed by AIOSEO.

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