REST API Shopping Cart Endpoint for EDD

Adds a REST API endpoint that returns the current user's shopping cart.

Buy Now Button - Variation

add_filter( 'gettext', 'customizing_product_variation_message', 10, 3 ); function customizing_product_variation_message( $translated_text, $untranslated_text, $domain ) { if ($untranslated_text ==…

Carla Mawyin

Force account creation by cart total

Force account creation at checkout if the cart total is a certain amount and the quantity…

Prevent Discounts on Upgrades

Does not allow a discount code to be applied when an license upgrade is present in…

Unlimited User Downloads for EDD Recurring

Allows certain users to be allowed to bypass the active account requirement in EDD Recurring Payments

Add Custom Taxonomy - Multiple Vendor Taxonomy

Allows the vendor to select multiple taxonomies

Add a video field to the sign-up form

// Add the video field to the signup form. add_action( 'wcv_form_input_after__wcv_store_name', 'wcv_video_uploader'); function wcv_video_uploader( ){ //…

Force product type for all products

// Disable the product type drop down. add_filter('wcv_disable_product_type', function() { return true; } ); /** *…

Add TikTok to the social tab of settings

This will show the setting and it should be saved when saving the form.

Custom Social Share Email Subject

If you wish to modify the email subject text when clicking the social share email icon…

On Browsing EDD Products

This snippet targets window shoppers and encourages them to add more products to their carts. This…

Tweaking the Calendar Language Localisation | Display Eventbrite Events

The calendar will attempt to localize the language based on the WordPress website setting. However, the…

Changing Text For Suggestion Donation Descriptions

You can place this code in your theme functions.php or use WPCode.

Webinar popup home page

Landingi generated popup code to be featured on Teldio web site home page.

Yannis Souris

Duplicate Post/Page Link

Duplicate posts, pages or any post type with 1-click by adding a duplicate link in...

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