Disable Search

Completely disable search on your WordPress website.


Disable Gutenberg Code Editing for Non-Admin Users

Prevent non-admin users from using "Edit as HTML" or "Code editor" in the Gutenberg Editor.


Remove Unused JS

/** * We will Dequeue the jQuery UI script as example. * * Hooked to the…

Prevent Copy Paste

This JavaScript snippet prevents right-click and copy events on the frontend


Remove Gutenberg Blocks Library CSS

Remove Gutenberg Block Library CSS from loading on the frontend

Disable Auto-generated Image Sizes

When we upload any media, WordPress automatically generates other extra sizes of it. It may eat…

Remove Default jQuery

// Remove default WordPress jquery wp_deregister_script( 'jquery' ); //Remove jquery migrate add_action( 'wp_default_scripts', 'remove_jquery_migrate' ); function…

Move Jump to Recipe above featured image

/** * Ensures the "Jump to Recipe" button is added to the content really late. */…


Keep Emoticons

WordPress converts all emoticons to emoji. This small snippet prevents that, without removing emojis from your…

Hide Price & Add to Cart for Non Logged in Users for Specific Products

This code snippet allows you to hide the price and 'Add to Cart' button for users…

Disable Pages and Post from Appearing in Wordpress Search Results

Using WPCode, apply the following code snippet to effectively disable certain pages from appearing in the…

Make Product Non Purchasable for Wholesale Customer if Product Stock is Less Than Certain Amount

This snippet will allow you to make a product unavailable for purchase by wholesale customers if…

Leave Tasty recipe ratings with WP-PostRatings

The Tasty Recipes rating system works with the default WordPress comment form. However, if you use…


Hide nutrition facts for Tasty Recipes printing

Prevent nutritional information from being displayed in the Tasty Recipes print view


Szállítási módok elrejtése a Kosár oldalon

Ezzel a kóddal a Kosár oldalon lehet a szállítási módokat elrejteni, így a vásárlók azt csak…

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