Allow SVG Files Upload

/** * Allow SVG uploads for administrator users. * * @param array $upload_mimes Allowed mime types.…


Add Donation Form Shortcode

Display a specific campaign's donation form using a shortcode.

Allow ico Files Upload

Add support for ico files to be uploaded in WordPress media.

Explicit Fixed Width and Height

add_filter( 'the_content', 'add_image_dimensions' ); function add_image_dimensions( $content ) { preg_match_all( '/]+>/i', $content, $images); if (count($images) <…


Goal Tracking Pixel

This pixel tracks the unit conversions and revenue across all your push campaigns. This helps you…

Add Select Field To Donation Form

Add a select field to the donation form.

Untitled Snippet

Generate a virtual coupon when order is completed.

This snippet will generate a new virtual coupon for a coupon that you've enabled virtual coupon…

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