Copy Donation Receipt To Admin

Send the donation receipt to the site admin as well.

Change City Field To Select

Change the City field in the donation form to a selectable, dropdown field, with several pre-set…

New Donation Field Plus Customized Donor Name

This is the full code for a tutorial written on the WP Charitable blog.

Add Hours Currency

Add a custom currency called "Hours".


Louis Agnello

Remove Decimals

Removes decimal places from all prices

Billing Address Email Tag - Actual Country Name

Replace the default {billing_address} email tag to use the full State/Country names on purchase receipts.

Simple Chained Products

Enables a chained products setting on the Download product edit screen for automatically adding "chained" products…

Conditional Gateway Fees

Do not charge gateway fee to customer if the amount is over X

FES Registration Form Redirect

Set custom redirect URLs for those who just registered to become vendors.

Disable IP Geo lookup service

That script is the one making the call to the geolocation endpoint, the rest of the…

Elementor Store Headers

Gives support for Elementor on WC Vendor Headers

Custom Tab Order For Dashboard

// Add this to your themes functions.php to change the order, rearrage the lines. First line…

Current Year

function current_year_shortcode() { return date('Y'); } add_shortcode('year', 'current_year_shortcode');

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