Remove the Header Menu Underline on Hover

If you enable the Header menu underline it will display both on active items and on…

Add vendor id and name to CSV commissions export

Add vendor id and name to CSV commissions export

Disable EDD Software Licensing Activation/Deactivation Logs

By default, when a license is activated or deactivated EDD Software Licensing adds a log entry…

Masterstudy LMS - Woocomerce Create Account After Payment

Gửi email tài khoản sau khi đã "completed" đơn hàng trên Woocommerce (Cartflows) -> kích hoạt…

function myfirsttheme_setup() { /* * Load additional block styles. */ $styled_blocks = ['latest-comments']; foreach ( $styled_blocks…

Send Site Notifications to a BCC Address

This snippet will ensure all your site’s outgoing emails are also sent to a specific BCC…

Hide Specific Day From Opening Hours Output

This filter can be used to hide a specific day from Opening Hours output Replace 'Sunday'…


MemberPress: Free-Views-Used Counter

This code will add the counter notification showing users how many free views of the paywall…

WPCode Admin Number of Snippets

Change the number of snippets displayed in the admin list using a filter.


Untitled Snippet

peter zatopek

Auto Complete Offline Donations

Automatically mark all offline donations as Paid.

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